Wednesday, October 27

Protests for the concert of Plácido Domingo at the Roman Theater of Mérida

Fifty people, summoned by the 8M Women’s Platform of Mérida, gathered this Saturday at the entrance of the Roman Theater of Mérida to demand the cancellation of the concert that the tenor Plácido Domingo offered in that venue and against the public financing of his show .

The president of the platform, Marisa Tena, has affirmed that society cannot allow sexist behavior and harassment of women “for the mere fact that whoever does it has a personality that is public or notorious.” “The important thing is the seriousness of the event and it can never be justified,” said Tena, who believes that with this concert “what is done is to re-victimize the victims and give an image of tolerance to violence against women.”

The platform’s spokesperson asks that public contracts include a clause that prevents “this type of people, who are recognized as perpetrators of crimes of violence against women, from occupying public spaces.” An assumption that the law contemplates.

Regarding the last statements of the tenor, in which he has affirmed that apologizing for his behavior is not to acknowledge the facts of which he is accused, Marisa Tena has insisted that “we have listened to the women and we are not going to enter into that controversy. ” “The important thing is to say if we have an image of tolerance in the face of sexist violence or we give a real image of rejection towards that scourge, until now it seems that we only say it by word of mouth and the time has come to do it,” said Tena. , which defends that if you are against sexist violence “you are also against the direct or indirect financing of these shows.

Plácido Domingo finally performed this Saturday at the theater in Mérida, within the Stone & Festival Music. It was thirty years since the tenor performed in the capital of Extremadura, where 2,000 spectators have come to the show and have received and dismissed him with a standing ovation and standing.