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Protests in Cuba: The mothers of 11-7 cry out for the freedom of their children



Ten days have passed since the wave of protests broke out in Cuba. Thousands of Cubans took to the streets of dozens of towns and cities, uncovered, demanding their rights and denouncing the economic and health situation that the country is going through. The response of the Cuban regime was repression with flag violence and arresting thousands of people. Ten days later, many are still missing, and others have been found in one of the police stations that are multiplying on the island. Chaos, misinformation and violence against detainees reign in them, according to some of the witnesses.

I will not shut up until I have my son back. I think that no mother should silence her pain, they are just children who need us more than anyone else. It is the cry of pain from Ida Ramos, hanging on one of the platforms created to report disappearances and arrests, and ask for help. His 16-year-old son was taken from home and charged “with building Molotov cocktails.” She, at least, knows in which police station the minor is located. Many others are still looking for their relatives: children, cousins, brothers … Despair has lit the Mothers of 11-7 Movement, who have called, through social networks, for today Wednesday a demonstration in support of Cubans “detained, disappeared, wounded and deceased” during the protests, according to the independent media ‘CubaNet. The group defends that their children and relatives “are not criminals”, but “people who just want to breathe freedom and we owe it to them. They want to prosecute and condemn them to silence their voices and bend their bravery. Let’s not allow it, “they claim. The mothers will come without the men, to prevent the security forces from using violence. The men, located on the sidelines of the march, will record and “broadcast to the world” what happens.

Summary processes

The figures on arrests and disappearances are confusing. The chaos and the attempt to intoxicate by the regime, through a campaign of ‘fake news’, makes the data differ between the organizations that are monitoring the situation. According the non-governmental group of legal advice Cubalex, the number of detained and disappeared would amount to 426 people, after having been released in the last 82 days, as confirmed by the lawyer Giselle Morfi Cruz to Radio Martí.

For its part, Prisoners Defenders (PD) has documented 326 cases of detentions and / or forced disappearances. “On the 14th, we reported 187 cases – which were referred to the UN Committee against Forced Disappearances – of which a dozen have been released with charges, or with fines,” the NGO president explained to ABC. Javier Larrondo.

PD has also denounced the process to which the detainees are being subjected. «The prosecutions we are witnessing are through the express summary process or direct attestation, a process that is purely police. Since the Direct Report is a process that does not require a lawyer, it is optional for the process, as is the figure of the prosecutor. The hearings in which sentencing occurs in many cases without a lawyer and in some cases with a lawyer appointed by State Security at the time of the hearing, ”Larrondo emphasizes.

One of the problems encountered by NGOs in order to quantify the number of disappeared and / or detained is the disinformation campaign launched by the Cuban government. «The regime, of course, is intoxicating with counterinformation all you can. Videos that are reported by threatened activists like yesterday, may be from the 11th. Faced with fear, the human being can sell his mother if necessary. The same is happening with some of the records of detainees. The regime’s priority is to counter-report and then diplomatically, behind closed doors, discredit the work that is 90% real and serious. They did so for 63 years in Cuba, and now they are only going to enhance that pattern of action as much as possible.

Arrested and beaten

To the drama of not knowing where the relatives are, the treatment they are receiving is added. The testimonies of those who have been released are shocking. The pProfessor Leonardo Romero Negrín, Currently under house arrest, he was beaten and saw others, including the elderly, being mistreated. «What they did to me was little. There were people who had a bruise on the eye, a swollen face, others with a plaster cast, with fractured fingers. They brought an old man on Friday, they went to look for him at his house because they saw him in a camera, “” La Joven Cuba “tells the media.

And he continues: «They lowered him into Ivanov handcuffed and made him pass through something known as Somatón. What’s that? Well, they get them off the truck and there is a row of soldiers on the left and another on the right, and all the inmates have to pass through the middle of those two rows so that they are knocked down. [golpes propinados con las tonfas, arma contundente reglamentaria]».

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