Monday, July 4

Proton Mail is now just Proton and brings many new features | Digital Trends Spanish

This Wednesday, May 25, the people of Proton Mail announced that its brand will now only be called Proton and also revealed many new features, including the integration of its VPN service.

Check what’s new:

  • You can now log in to your Proton account at, new centralized center for privacy services. As well as providing full access to services including Proton Mail, Proton VPN, Proton Calendar and Proton Drive,
  • “Proton Mail has become just Proton for many people, and moving our website from to is an acknowledgment of that fact.”
  • “Note that your current email address will not change. If your email is [email protected], it will remain the same. However, will redirect to, and Proton web applications such as,, etc. will also eventually redirect to, , etc. If you are already logged in, you will not be redirected immediately, but new sessions will use,, etc.”
  • “If you’re already a paying subscriber, you’ll enjoy increased storage and new features at no additional cost, including additional email addresses, VPN connections, and more. We are also launching two new plans, Proton Unlimited and Proton Business, which bundle all of our services into one easy subscription so you can benefit from all of our premium features.”
  • “We have introduced new logos, colors and a modernized design that all Proton applications will share,” they note.
  • Proton Mail ensures your emails are private
  • Proton VPN keeps your internet activity private and unblocks all content
  • Proton Calendar encrypts the events of your life
  • Proton Drive stores and backs up your important documents with end-to-end encryption.

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