Friday, January 28

Province presented the Budget 2022: more investment in Education, Housing, Health and Safety and tax increases with caps

During the presentation, the Minister of Finance and Finance, Pablo López thanked the legislators and stated that: “After two years of pandemic, this Budget Law project that we are presenting puts the axis in the reconstruction and integration of the province of Buenos Aires. For this, important funds are contemplated to consolidate the economic and productive reactivation with social inclusion. In addition, we will deepen the public works plan, on an unprecedented scale, which has begun in these two years, with a view to improving the productive and logistical infrastructure, but also the social infrastructure, so necessary to integrate the Province and strengthen the Buenos Aires identity ”. And he added: “Addressing the structural gaps in the Province is a challenge comparable, in terms of scale and magnitude, to what it meant to face the pandemic. As we have been doing since the beginning of our administration, we will continue working to reverse the structural deficits in strategic areas of the provincial socio-productive network. We are definitely leaving behind a process of financial adjustment and speculation, to focus on specific needs and improve the living conditions of Buenos Aires residents ”.

Axel Kicillof and the Minister of Finance and Finance, Pablo López

The priorities of the Budget Law project are reflected in the six central axes of the investment projected by the Province for 2022:

Investment in infrastructure and housing

The total capital investment of all government areas will reach $ 260,609 million pesos, which implies the 8.4% of the total budget. They will be key works for the reconstruction of the Province and to be able to advance towards its integration, stimulate the economic recovery and generate quality employment. It includes road works destined to investment and maintenance in rural routes and roads, plans for rehabilitation and widening of roads, paving of productive roads, lighting, signaling and road safety works; housing works, which includes the construction of houses in various municipalities of the Province; water and sanitation works, which include purification plants for the conduction of drinking water, storm drains, water and sewers; works in energy projects for the installation of transformer stations; hydraulic works, aimed at improving and cleaning water courses in various municipalities of the province, among others.

Promotion of production, employment and social inclusion

During 2022, public policies that promote production, employment and social inclusion will continue to be carried out. Investing in these programs will amount to $ 123,079 million, which implies an increase in 57% real compared to 2019. One of the fundamental policies of this axis, the School Food Service, will have the highest investment in real terms in the recent history of the program, with $ 51,575 million. In budgetary terms, it implies an improvement of 118% in real terms compared to the levels of 2019. Thanks to this, the coverage of lunches in the schools of the Province will be doubled. In turn, the budget for the rest of the social inclusion policies carried out by the Ministry of Community Development will be substantially increased.

Investment in education

It is a priority of this administration to achieve a quality public education. Therefore, in the same way as in 2021, the Budget Law 2022 projected a new increase in investment in the Educational System of the Province. Specifically, the Education budget will reach the $ 915,174 million, 13.2% more in real year-on-year terms. In turn, this represents an improvement of 21.1% in relation to what was invested in 2019. In this way, 2022 will be the year of greatest investment in education since 2015. In particular, the budget contemplates for the General Directorate of Culture and Education an investment of $ 35,333 million in capital spending, with $ 10,907 million for the Schools a la Obra program, $ 5,485 million for strengthening gardens and $ 6,621 million in educational technology. In addition, it includes, among other programs, $ 11,000 million in a comprehensive ATR program to accompany educational trajectories; and the creation of the Provincial School for the Training of Supervision and Management Teams.



Investment in security

The budget project contemplates continuing to reinforce investment to have more police officers, better equipment and better infrastructure. In this line, the Ministry of Security together with the Provincial Police University Institute “Comisario Gral. Honoris Causa Juan Vucetich” will have a Total budget for supplies, equipment and infrastructure of $ 47,233 million, which implies an improvement of 10.2% in real year-on-year terms and 199.6% compared to that executed in 2019. Thus, investment triples compared to 2019 levels, which constitutes a historical record in terms of investment allocated to these organizations. $ 20,013 million stands out for the Strengthening of security equipment; $ 16,362 million for Police Training; $ 3,200 million for the enhancement of police units; $ 7,000 million for the Municipal Fund for Strengthening Security, among others.

Investment in Health

Maintaining and consolidating progress in public health will continue to be a priority on our Government agenda even after the pandemic. The The total budget for the health system in 2022, which includes equipment, supplies and infrastructure, will be $ 135,282 million, maintaining historically high levels and representing an increase of 80% in real terms compared to 2019. This investment covers $ 41,564 million in medicines; $ 18,116 million in medical supplies; $ 3,489 million in sanitary equipment for hospitals; $ 3,846 million for the PRO.MIN Maternal and Child Nutrition Program; $ 3,219 million for Prompt Attention Units; $ 5,571 million in Infrastructure in Primary Care Centers; among others.

Gender perspective

Is he first budget with a gender perspective in the Province. The incorporation of the gender perspective in the construction of this budget is based on considering that gender inequality is structural and needs to be addressed urgently. The budget with a gender perspective will reach the $ 74,731 million, which represents 2.4% of the total budget.

Raise Taxes with caps and a progressive sight

On the other hand, the Minister also highlighted that the draft Tax Law 2022 it is designed on the basis of economic recovery. As in 2021, it continues with the premise of make the tax structure more progressive, avoiding increasing the burden on the majority of the inhabitants of the Province and emphasizing the solidarity of the sectors with greater contributory capacity. It especially addresses the reality of SMEs, which are the main factor in generating employment.

In the case of Gross income, the current rates are maintained and the regime of differentiated rates that favor lower-billing taxpayers is reinforced, from an increase in the billing cap of 101% to access the benefit. This is an important incentive particularly for SMEs, accompanying the reactivation of economic activity.


Regarding the tax Built Urban Real EstateTo provide the Tax with greater progressivity, growth limits of the tax are established with respect to the previous year, which amount to greater equity. In this way, almost 90% of taxpayers have increases less than 35%.

Regarding the tax Urban Real Estate Barren, the limits of the aliquot table are reconstructed with the aim of not increasing the tax burden (equal implicit rate).

On the tax Rural Real Estate, the same progressive staging is established as in the Building. Thus, most taxpayers have an increase of less than 35%.

With respect to Automotive taxIn order to achieve the objective of progressivity, tax growth limits are set that are ascending to a higher value. Thus, most domains will pay an increase equal to or less than 35%.

Finally, in relation to stamp tax, the same tax policy is adopted as the one in force during the year 2021, maintaining the current rates.