Wednesday, December 8

Provincia Seguros and Provincia Vida present Microinsurance

Later, he added: “It is a concrete example of the articulated work that we carry out from the different institutions that make up the provincial public bank to fulfill the mission that Governor Axel Kicillof pointed out to us: to generate innovative and accessible solutions that simplify life for women. and the people of Buenos Aires ”.

As announced by Grupo Provincia, Sergio Rivera Flores, a horticulturist from La Plata, a client of Provincia Microcréditos, acquired the first microinsurance to protect his greenhouse. In 2019, the farmer had requested financial assistance to recover from the damage his garden had suffered due to weather factors; today it already has a specific coverage of Insurance Province for that problem.

Rivera Flores is a founding member of the cooperative of horticulturists and quinteros “La union de Olmos”, a project aimed at improving the purchase and sale of supplies and merchandise where he works together with his family. “It is an endorsement for my business, a peace of mind. I wanted to be the first to take out insurance and be an example for others ”, he commented.

Regarding the microinsurance offered, you will find property microinsurance, which “covers the theft or accidental material damage that affects machinery, facilities, merchandise, supplies, raw materials, manufactured products, electronic equipment and other effects with which the entrepreneurs carry out their declared activity”.

AND life microinsurance, “In addition to being life insurance, the product stands out for its loss of profit coverage, which consists of the payment of a monthly benefit in the event that entrepreneurs are unable to carry out their activities due to illness or disease. This arises from the need and lack of protection that they have when they exercise their activity as self-employed, not having access to the benefits that employees have, such as leave with pay due to blameless illness or the coverage of work risks that they grant the ART “.