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Provisional prison and without bail for the two arrested for the theft of the millionaire Atrio wines

The Court of First Instance and Instruction number 4 of Cáceres has ordered provisional detention, without bail and communicated, to the two alleged perpetrators of the theft of 45 bottles of wine from the Atrio hotel restaurant, valued at 1.7 million euros, although in letter would reach a value greater than 3 million.

They are accused of a crime of robbery with force in things, for which they could be sentenced to a maximum of 6 years in prison.

The detainees have taken advantage of their right not to testify, on the recommendation of their lawyer, “since there are still many investigative steps to be carried out”, and they have only answered the questions asked by her, regarding questions about their personal situation. , address and roots, among others.

Despite not having testified about the facts they are accused of, the two detainees maintain their innocence, according to their lawyer who, in addition, affirms that their clients were not on the run, but were on vacation, “the usual at these dates ”,

When asked about their alleged travels to various European countries, in the 10 months that have elapsed since the robbery occurred, Sylvia Córdoba has pointed out that “that is what is said, but it is not accredited, obviously they have been detained abroad , but they weren’t running away.”

Córdoba considers that, despite the high-profile nature of the robbery, the maximum sentence of six years in prison to which they could be sentenced, and their roots in Spain, does not justify their imprisonment, so that, in the appearance before the duty judge, number 2 (the case is instructed by number 4) has opposed this, requesting provisional release or any other less harmful precautionary measure.

“In fact, they have been in prison for two weeks, with very unfortunate conditions, in Croatia… they have not been tried, they have not been sentenced, but they have been deprived of liberty for almost 20 days.”

Likewise, in statements to Extremadura, he has indicated that he will wait for the head of the Court of First Instance and Instruction Number 4 of Cáceres to return from vacation, “which will be in a few days”, to decide, if finally, they request that both detainees are transferred to a penitentiary center in Madrid, which is where they have their residence and where they have their family.

“That is why we oppose their entry into prison, because they have a localized address and there is no risk of escape, since they have been in Spain for many years,” said Córdoba.

prison car

According to the judge’s order, they are accused of a crime of robbery with force, in an establishment open to the public with the possible concurrence of two specific aggravating circumstances: the high economic value and the cultural and artistic value of what was stolen, collected, according to a review the prison order, in articles 235.1, 235.5, 237, 238, 239, 241.1 and 241.4 of the Penal Code.

However, they have not been accused of false documentation, despite the fact that the detainee allegedly registered at the hotel with a false identity, and that the police assure that in these ten months they have been moving throughout Europe with false documentation.

The judge justifies the provisional detention of the detainees based on the seriousness of the penalties that could be imposed, the high risk of escape and the criminal reiteration, existing, in the case of the man, an injunction from a Madrid Court for a robbery perpetrated in an establishment in the Spanish capital.

The detainees are Constantín Golubic, 47 years old and dual nationality, Romanian and Dutch, and she is Priscila Lara Guevara, 29 years old, Mexican, and has on her resume that she was Miss Earth State of Mexico, in 2016 .

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