Thursday, December 7

Provisional prison for a former teacher from Arenys de Mar (Barcelona) for abuse and child pornography

The Investigating Court 2 of Arenys de Mar (Maresme), acting as a guard, has decreed provisional detention without bail for a former teacher of a school in the same municipality. The man is being investigated for crimes of sexual abuse, sexual harassment and the production of child pornography, according to the TSJC.

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The teacher worked as a Physical Education teacher at the La Presentació concerted school, where he was fired at the beginning of February. The director of the center has detailed to the ACN agency that he was fired “for inappropriate behavior on social networks”, and has stressed that they were unaware of the complaints of several students until the man was arrested on Tuesday. The director went yesterday, Thursday, to testify and is being investigated for concealment.

The Mossos d’Esquadra arrested him as the alleged perpetrator of sexual harassment, abuse and contact with minors through social networks to ask for relationships. The crime of making child pornography has been included by the judge in the case. Despite the fact that Investigating Court 2 is the one that has decreed imprisonment for the accused, he will be inhibited towards Investigating Court Number 7, which is in charge of this investigation.