Monday, August 8

Provisional prison without bail for the detainee for assaulting a police officer in the San Fermín procession in Pamplona

The judge has ordered the interim prison without bail for the detainee allegedly responsible for punching a municipal police officer in the face on July 7 in Pamplona, ​​at the end of the San Fermín procession. The judge imputes to the investigated an alleged crime of public disorder, attack on authority, hate crime and injuries, as reported by the Superior Court of Justice of Navarra.

The Pamplona City Council has reported this Tuesday that five of the eight detainees for the incidents recorded on July 7 were brought to justice this afternoon and the other three had been released.

After the aggressions registered at the passage of the Procession on Thursday, Municipal Police and National Police have collaborated in the investigation for the identification and arrest of the people involved. On Sunday morning, the 10th, the first arrest took place, of a 40-year-old man, a resident of the Pamplona region, as the alleged perpetrator of the punch that broke the nose of a Municipal Police officer, who was joined by two More that same afternoon.

On Monday, the arrest of two other people was reported in the morning, although three more were added late in the afternoon. In total, there have been eight people arrested to date for these incidents, of which five were scheduled to go to court this afternoon.

The Pamplona City Council will appear in the case under the figure of popular accusation on behalf of those attacked against the people accused of having intervened in these events.

The event occurred during the return of the procession in which the municipal corporation accompanies the Cathedral Chapter to the Cathedral of Pamplona. As they passed through Curia street, several people shouted ‘UPN kanpora’ (‘UPN out’) and booed the municipal corporation as they passed through this street. In addition, they threw an object at the mayor of Pamplona, ​​Enrique Maya.

Maya described these altercations as “authentic fascism”. She criticized that, while these incidents were taking place, EH Bildu was “distributing hugs with these people.” The three opposition groups in the Consistory rejected these attacks. EH Bildu lamented the incidents that occurred in the procession and remarked that “the attacks are out of place. One thing is political criticism and another is aggression that, in no way, can be justified. PSN, for its part, condemned the attacks and stressed that “these fascist aggressors will not be able to distort the traditions of Pamplona or impose their positions using violence.” Finally, Geroa Bai condemned the events and stressed that “all political criticism” must always be carried out “in a peaceful and respectful manner.”

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