Monday, August 15

PSC, ERC and CUP want the Parliament to suspend Borràs this Thursday

The opening of the oral trial of the president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs, has put the leader of Junts on the ropes and her position at the head of the Catalan chamber has its hours counted. Both the ERC and the CUP and PSC advocate applying this Thursday the article of the regulation that contemplates the suspension of the rights and duties of the deputies when an oral trial is opened for corruption.

The tortuous path of Laura Borràs towards her suspension as a deputy

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The three parties, with sufficient force in the Table to force the application of the aforementioned article, intend that Borràs be suspended this Thursday at 12 noon, when the body will meet and address, among other issues, the situation of the president of Parliament. The suspension would be provisional and would not revoke Borràs’s deputy act. If she would leave him, instead, without the functions of president, without the salary that she receives and without being able to participate in the meetings of the Table, in the plenary sessions and not in any commission.

Both the ERC spokesperson, Marta Vilalta, as well as the CUP spokeswoman, Laia Estrada, and the PSC spokeswoman, Alícia Romero, have confirmed this Tuesday that they will activate the option that forces Borràs to be suspended. From the CUP and the PSC, in addition, they have summoned Junts and ERC to propose “as soon as possible” a new name for the presidency of the chamber.

The three formations – to which C’s and Vox must also be added – have defended again this Tuesday the advisability of suspending Borràs, to whom the prosecution is asking for six years in prison and 21 years of disqualification for splitting contracts to benefit a friend when he was in charge of the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (ILC).

The opening of an oral trial for corruption is the procedural moment that requires, according to the Parliament’s regulations, to suspend a deputy from office. Although the regulations are clear, Borràs has insinuated that this precept should not be applied to her since, in her opinion, since she is not accused of embezzlement, it is no longer a case of corruption. Borràs could withdraw from her on her own initiative and avoid this vote by the Board, but the President of the Parliament has already warned on several occasions that she has no intention of resigning from her position.

The decision by the ERC to remove Borràs threatens to open a new gap in the Government. The spokeswoman for the Catalan Executive, Patrícia Plaja, has left the matter in the hands of the parliamentary groups on Tuesday and has not wanted to pronounce on the matter. She “It is up to the parliamentary groups to establish a position. I am aware of the relevance that a position of the Government would have, but it is not up to me to make any assessment in this regard”, she stated.

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