Wednesday, November 30

PSC, ERC, Junts and comuns recognize Spanish as the language of use at school for the first time

Turn in educational policy in Catalonia. For the first time, the PSC, ERC, Junts and the Comuns have recognized Spanish as the vehicular language at school along with Catalan. The four large groups in the Parliament have reached an agreement to modify the 1998 language policy law and admit that both Catalan and Spanish must be present as the language used by teachers in the curriculum and in the linguistic projects of educational centres.

The objective of the parties is to maintain Catalan as the main language of the education system, but adapting the regulations to the ruling that orders 25% of classes to be in Spanish. That is, trying to comply with the court ruling but without noticeable differences in the classroom with respect to the current language immersion model.

The political agreement comes one day after the deadline that the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) gave the Generalitat to implement 25% of classes in Spanish not only in the fifty schools where a family had requested it, but in all the schools in Catalonia. Starting this Friday, families opposed to immersion intend to ask the court to send direct instructions to the directors of all schools to comply with the sentence in the face of “disobedience” by the Generalitat.

The agreement between the large groups of the Parlament – ​​they add up to 106 of the 135 deputies of the Chamber – does not specify any percentage, as required by Justice, although it represents a historic turn in Catalan politics. Linguistic immersion in Catalan had enjoyed majority support in Parliament, if not unanimous. The Catalan Language Normalization Law of 1983, which laid the foundations for immersion, was approved by the Parliament as a whole (CiU, PSC, PSUC, ERC, UCD and PSA).

The new regulations leave it to the centers to specify the degree of presence of Spanish and Catalan in the classroom, depending on the profile of the students. What it does make clear is that in order to master both languages ​​at the end of ESO, classes must be given in the two official languages ​​and guarantee an “adequate” presence of both in the curricula and in the educational projects of each center.

The 25% of Spanish ordered by the Justice is based on a pillar that already served the judges to make it clear that the new educational law that the central government and ERC agreed, contrary to what was maintained by the Republicans, did not shield the immersion in Catalan. This is the reiterated doctrine since the ruling of the Constitutional Court on the Statute, which established that Catalan and Spanish should be the vehicular language of the educational system “without the service users being able to recognize a subjective right to choose a language or monolingual teaching ”, the TSJC has recalled in several resolutions.