Monday, November 28

PSOE and PP knock down the request of the commission of investigation into the tragedy of Melilla

Congress will not investigate the Melilla tragedy. PSOE, PP, Vox and Ciudadanos have opposed introducing in plenary the debate on the creation of a commission in this regard that United Podemos and other parliamentary allies of the coalition had requested to clarify what happened at the Melilla fence last month June, when dozens of people lost their lives due to police action that the Ombudsman has questioned.

It is the second time that these groups have prevented the debate on the creation of a commission of investigation into the massacre. The first was in July, just happen. Now Unidas Podemos, ERC, Bildu, Más País, Compromís, the BNG, Junts, PDeCAT and the CUP tried again after the BBC documentary that pointed to Spain’s responsibility in the deaths that occurred on the border. Added to this report were the conclusions of the institution led by Ángel Gabilondo, who maintains that the State Security Forces and Corps broke the law during police action.

All this forced a group of deputies from the Interior Commission to travel to Melilla to receive information about the event. The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, accepted the viewing of the images. After it, some of the parliamentarians concluded that part of the tragedy occurred on Spanish soil.

Despite the pressure that the PP has also exerted in this case, it has finally rejected a commission of inquiry in Congress. The argument of those of Alberto Núñez Feijóo is that they have negotiated to reject Melilla in exchange for the appearance of Marlaska “and the images”. Starting next week, Interior will make the videos recorded during the massacre available to parliamentary groups.

Congress has rejected Pedro Sánchez’s request to appear – with the votes of the Socialists and the confederal group – but has endorsed Marlaska’s, which will take place on November 30, after the government control session.

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