Thursday, July 7

PSOE and PP leave the plenary session of the Granada City Council and show the loneliness of the mayor

Hard, tense and unbreathable plenary session at the Granada City Council. The first in which the mayor, Luis Salvador (Citizens), has appeared in an absolute minority after remaining with the support of a single councilor has served to show that he is completely alone. PSOE and PP have left when they had barely been in session for an hour and a half. Before, the councilors have taken the opportunity to demand the resignation of the councilor and this, in a low profile and without entering the melee, has limited that there will be a way out of the crisis “very soon.”

Clearly overcome by the circumstances and with a more leisurely tone of voice than usual, Luis Salvador recalled that he had not asked for this situation to occur: “There was a government team working and suddenly a part of that team decided to get off his responsibility. ”A few words he has spoken in response to all the requests he has received for him to leave and which have occurred before the plenary session was blown up and the PSOE left him first, with the PP and the councilors not Assigned, with the exception of Sebastián Pérez, doing the same moments later.Only Podemos-IU and Vox have tried to continue.

However, as 16 councilors were missing, the session could not continue due to lack of a quorum. The spokesman for the Socialists, José María Corpas, has announced the decision of his group asking to respect citizens and not participate in the “show” that the plenary session had become. In addition, he has extended his hand to the PP and has asked them to meet “this afternoon” to find a solution to the institutional crisis that the Granada City Council is experiencing after the resignation en bloc of the Government team on June 8.