Saturday, March 2

Public events continue for turnkey projects, some 14 companies interested in the renovation of El Chorrillo

The Ministry of Public Works (MOP) advances with the bidding process for best value of the Study, Design, Construction and Financing for the Renewal of the Urban Infrastructure of El Chorrillo, with the realization of the previous meeting and homologation that had the participation of 14 contractor companies who made their inquiries and observations regarding the bill of lading of the project.

The proposals for the bidding of this work will be submitted electronically in the Electronic System of Public Procurement, Panama Buy the next February 22, 2022 and the opening of proposals will proceed virtually through the Teams application, highlighted the MOP press release.

This work consists of rehabilitation of the existing road of 40 sections of streets, grouped into 24 groups of branches of the village of El Chorrillo that add up to an approximate length of 7,530 meters.

The work includes improvements to the sanitary sewer system, improvements to the drinking water network system for the replacement and relocation of existing lines in the range of influence of the project, renovation of the “De Los Boredos” park and the design and construction of 2 parks, one on 18th Street with December 20th Avenue and the other on West 27th Street, opposite the Chorrillo health center.

Behold the design and construction of the pavement structure, design and construction of the drainage system, of storm drains, design and construction of pedestrian sidewalks in places near schools, churches, health centers, sports centers, public parks, among others.

Besides the placement of complete horizontal and vertical road markings for road safety, design and construction of entrances for access to homes, shops, etc., relocation of public and/or private utilities, design and construction of curbstones, among other activities of the work.

It should be noted that, this project includes an Environmental and Health Education Plan that includes the Green Schools program that encourages and organizes the participation of educators, students and parents to improve their values, attitudes and ecological skills, safety and hygiene in their environment.

should also develop the Young Sentinels Program for ages 12 to 18, with leadership qualities that facilitate social participation in order to identify environmental problems and promote possible solutions from the citizenry.

Likewise, the programs Promotion of Environmental and Sanitary Culture, Know your River, Promotion and Awareness program, among others.