Sunday, February 5

Public Utility Notice: Raspberry Pi 5 Won’t Arrive in 2023 | Digital Trends Spanish

For all the fans of the Arduino, you will have to wait for the appearance of Raspberry Pi 5since in an interview with Explaining ComputersEben Upton, CEO of the company, reviews the supply pressures that have affected the availability of single-board computers and that there will be no new model by 2023.

Eben Upton Interview: Raspberry Pi Availability & More!

“We don’t want people to be put on a waiting list,” Upton tells ExplainingComputers. “We want people to wake up in the morning, want a Raspberry Pi, and then get one at 9am the next morning.”

“Don’t expect a Pi 5 next year… next year is a payback year,” Upton said. “For one, it has slowed us down. On the other hand, it slowed everything down. So there’s merit, I think, in spending a year before we see the introduction of something… spending a year recovering from what just happened to all of us.”

Introducing a Raspberry Pi 5 that couldn’t “adequately ramp up” demand, or consume supply from other Pi devices, would be “a disaster,” Upton said. Not all shortages are related to chips, Upton notes. “Some of them are about packaging, some are about testability, some are about substrates.” Those processed could also be cannibalized for an entirely new product, Upton said. “We’re going to be very cautious about how we look to move forward.”

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