Tuesday, July 5

Puigdemont accuses the Government of “punishing” the Catalans with investments

Former President Carles Puigdemont has criticized the Spanish Government for the difference between the execution of investments in Catalonia and Madrid. “36% and 184%. Balls! It’s fine now”, complained the still leader of Junts, who this Saturday says goodbye to the presidency of the party in a congress that will elevate a new executive before which Laura Borràs will stand as president and Jordi Turull as general secretary.

Puigdemont has accused Pedro Sánchez’s executive of campaigning “dirty” for the PSC: “As long as we don’t vote for the right candidate, they won’t treat us first.” However, the MEP has warned that the lack of investment affects all Catalan citizens equally, whether or not they vote for independence parties. “The problem is that we are Catalans”, Puigdemont riveted.

The outgoing leader has delivered an intervention that has fled from the tone of the farewells. However, before the 950 delegates of the party gathered in Argelers, he has asked them “not to lose the north” and maintain the commitment to complete the independence process “in the midst of so much confusion, resignations, divisions, discouragement and demobilization”.

“Junts can be recognized, whether in the Government or in the opposition, as the political tool that, despite having everything against us, without rights, with silences and boycotts, remains committed and useful to complete the independence process” said the former president. “As long as we are recognized for what they will vote for us, we will do well and for many years,” he concluded.

Before the MEP, Jordi Sànchez intervened, who also leaves the position of secretary general of Junts. In his farewell speech, Sànchez has assured that he sees no possibility of dialogue with the State and has asked the independence movement to recover the “strategic unity” that, in his opinion, does not currently exist.