Tuesday, October 19

Puigdemont is already in Sardinia, accompanied by Comín and Ponsatí, for the view on the Euroorder

Former president Carles Puigdemont arrived this Sunday morning in Alghero, in Sardinia, to attend this Monday’s hearing at the Sassari Court of Appeal, which must decide on the euro order issued by the Supreme Court. The Junts leader landed at nine in the morning accompanied by former senator Josep Maria Matamala and MEP Toni Comín.

Several Italian agents were waiting at the terminal and have stopped the ex-clerk, who also lives in Belgium, for a few minutes, but they have not detained him after checking his documentation. Puigdemont has passed without problems and an agent has even greeted him effusively, according to the ACN.

His lawyer, Gonzalo Boye, was waiting for him at the airport. Also MEP Clara Ponsatí has ​​traveled to the Italian island. The former president plans to meet this Sunday with his legal team to prepare the appearance before the Court of Appeal, which must decide whether to activate the extradition procedure against him, as requested by Supreme Court magistrate Pablo Llarena.

Puigdemont’s defense trusts that the Italian justice will archive the case. Boye, is “convinced” that the court will not enter the fund of the euro order and the procedure will be closed. In an interview in ‘El Suplement de Catalunya Ràdio’, the lawyer of the former president recalled that this Monday “it must be decided whether the procedure has any basis” so that in Sardinia, “as in the rest of Europe, they are recognized the immunity that is denied them in Spain “.

Boye has insisted that the three Junts MEPs should be able to travel freely to Spain without risk of being detained. “What the State is not doing is complying with European standards,” he said, pointing out that an infringement procedure like the one in Poland or Hungary should be opened to Spain.


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