Wednesday, October 27

Puigdemont reappears in Alghero after his release: “I am used to being persecuted by Spain”

Carles Puigdemont continues with his political agenda on the island of Sardinia after being arrested and released between last Thursday and Friday. The former president of the Generalitat has reappeared in the city of Alghero, a municipality with traditional cultural ties with Catalonia, to participate in the International Festival of Catalan Popular Culture, and to be received this afternoon at the town hall by the president of Sardinia, Cristian Solinas, and the mayor of the city, Mario Conoci. He is also expected to meet the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, and the vice president Jordi Puigneró, who are traveling to the island.

Upon arrival at the event, he was applauded by the participants, most of them Catalans, and pro-independence slogans were chanted. “I am used to being persecuted by Spain, but the end is always the same, I am free,” said the MEP in a brief appearance before the media. Puigdemont has assured that he “will continue fighting.”

A new appearance before the media is on the agenda of the former president this afternoon, along with his lawyer Gonzalo Boye and the director of his office, Josep Lluís Alay. The goal is to explain the details of your court case and the next steps you plan to take from now on. At the moment, Puigdemont is expected to remain on the island for at least one more day, but it is unknown what he will do between this Sunday and October 4, when he is again summoned to testify before the Sassari court.

The Italian Justice decided to release Puigdemont without precautionary measures this Friday, assuming the interpretation of the General Court of the European Union that the European arrest warrant against him would be inactive, pending the resolution of the preliminary rulings raised by the Supreme Court magistrate Pablo Llarena. The same court will hear the MEP in ten days and, from there, will have to decide whether or not the extradition process continues.