Thursday, October 28

Puigdemont rejects the anticipated pardon and asks ERC not to negotiate on it with the Government

The former president of the Generalitat and leader of the Junts, Carles Puigdemont, has asked ERC that his personal situation “does not form part of any agenda of the so-called dialogue table agreed by ERC and the Spanish Government or of any bilateral conversation.” “We are not looking for any early pardon, it is not a solution to the conflict,” he added in an opinion article published this Thursday in The Punt Avui. After four years installed in Belgium, Puigdemont asks for respect for his strategy and reaffirms himself in the conviction that the solution to the political conflict requires amnesty.

In the article, Puigdemont says that in recent years he has been “very respectful” with the defense strategies that have been followed from within Catalonia. And ask for the same respect for those who have not been tried. “I ask that no one speak for us, that they do not interfere in our strategy by looking for shortcuts that we do not want. Four years of exile have reaffirmed us in the idea that the solution to the conflict between Catalonia and Spain is political and collective; that there are no solutions personal nor customized solutions “, he adds.

A respect that he also asks the Government “in case he has had or is tempted to include this personal departure in the conversations he has with the Spanish government.” And, according to Puigdemont, the politicians who chose to leave Spain do not seek “any early pardon” nor do they believe that this option provides any solution to the conflict.

“Certainly, to return as free people, as we were when we started the path of exile, is an idea that accompanies me every day when I get up and when I go to sleep. But since then we have assumed the defense of an institution attacked with violence by the powers of the state. and I do not have the right to abandon it to obtain in exchange a supposed normalization of my life and live in a state that has not normalized its democracy “, he affirms.

The former president says that he can perfectly assume responsibility from Belgium in a “true process of political negotiation” with the Spanish State “without preconditions and with all the ambition that must be assumed.” And that for this it is not necessary that they previously fix anything.

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