Wednesday, September 28

Puigdemont: “Spain, enough to follow a path that does not resolve the political conflict”

First words of Carles Puigdemont after his new victory in front of the Supreme Court. The former president of the Generalitat and MEP from Junts has again intoned the “like this, no” that he used four years ago after King Felipe VI’s speech to demand a change in the attitude of the State. “Spain, enough to follow a path that clearly hinders the political resolution of the conflict,” claimed Puigdemont.

At a L’Alghero press conference, Puigdemont once again claimed his option to leave for Belgium after the failed Unilateral Declaration of Independence, recalled his victories in the European justice system and charged the Supreme Court again.

“I have earned the right to say that enough is enough,” proclaimed the former president, to immediately accuse the Spanish State of using the Judiciary “to try to achieve its political objectives”, which in his opinion are that the independentists are ” locked up in prison “and unable to” speak or circulate in Europe. ”

The court of Sassari (Sardinia) has suspended the procedure on the extradition of Puigdemont until the European Justice resolves the two pending procedures on the former identity: the preliminary ruling submitted by Judge Pablo Llarena to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) to try to avoid a new refusal by Belgium to extradition and Puigdemont’s appeal to the withdrawal of his immunity as a MEP.

The Italian judges have made this decision at the request of both the Puigdemont defense and the Italian Prosecutor’s Office, which acts in the case for the extradition of the former president on behalf of Judge Llarena, instructor of the prosecution case and issuer of the euro order against Puigdemont . Last Friday Llarena reiterated to the Italian judges the request for Puigdemont’s extradition, although he admitted the possibility that the case could be suspended until the two open procedures in the European Justice were resolved.

Puigdemont asked the TGUE on Friday to restore his immunity as a MEP, after his arrest and subsequent release in Sardinia last week. Before the summer, the TGUE withdrew the immunity of the former identity, concluding that the extradition request was suspended due to the preliminary ruling raised by the Supreme Court before the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU), and that consequently the president could not be detained. . This was stated by the State Bar, a criterion opposed to that stated by the Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena, who has reminded the Italian Justice that the extradition request is still in force.

Puigdemont’s request for precautionary measures also responded to what was warned by the TGUE. The European court, when it provisionally withdrew his immunity, already warned that if he were arrested again, as happened on September 23 at L’Alghero airport (Sardinia), he could again request that his immunity be restored.