Monday, November 28

Putin accuses Ukraine of ‘terrorist’ attack on Crimean bridge

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the Ukrainian secret services of the “terrorist act” against the Crimean bridge on Saturday, which caused partial damage to the only infrastructure that links the annexed Ukrainian peninsula with Russia and in which they would be involved. foreign countries.

“There is no doubt that this is a terrorist act aimed at destroying a critically important civilian infrastructure of the Russian Federation,” he said in a meeting with the chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrikin. “The perpetrators, executors and clients are the secret service of Ukraine,” Putin has said.

The head of the Investigative Committee has clarified that in the “terrorist act” of the Ukrainian secret services “citizens of Russia and foreign countries helped in the preparation”. “We have already established the route of the truck that exploded. This is Bulgaria, this is Georgia, this is Armenia, North Ossetia, the Krasnodar Territory,” Bastrikin said.

He has indicated that, with the help of the Federal Security Service (FSB, former KGB), it has been possible to identify “suspects among those who could prepare a terrorist attack.”

The head of the Investigation Committee has explained that a criminal case for “terrorism” has been opened after the explosion on the bridge. “We opened a case under the second part of article 205” Terrorism “and this is confirmed by the data from the initial stage of the investigation”, he stressed.

Bastrikin maintained that many witnesses, including eyewitnesses, were questioned, special expert studies were initiated, and an explosive, genetic, and forensic examination was carried out. All exams are now largely finished, he added.

He also stressed that relevant instructions had been given to the FSB and the Russian Interior Ministry to carry out searches and search for the suspects.

According to the official Russian version, early on Saturday morning a truck exploded on the automobile part of the bridge, causing a fire in seven fuel tanks in a tanker train on the railway side of the infrastructure.

Two sections of the highway roadway collapsed in the attack, which killed at least three people, according to the Instruction Committee. Ukraine, which has sarcastically celebrated the explosion, has not confirmed its involvement or responsibility so far.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) to which Putin and Bastrikin refer, has written on its Telegram channel on Saturday a quote that paraphrases the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko. “The bridge burns beautifully at dawn. A nightingale meets the SBU in Crimea,” the text read.

Ukrainian media such as Ukrainska Pravda or the Ukrinform and Unian agencies already indicated the day before that, according to their sources, the SBU is behind the explosion.