Saturday, September 25

Putin and Xi Jinping speak out to fill the void left by Westerners

Asia Correspondent



China and Russia rush to take positions after the American rout from Afghanistan, painful humiliation for the democratic cause of the western powers in the face of the international rise of both regimes. Following the G-7 emergency meeting on the fall of Kabul and Biden’s announcement not to extend the withdrawal period for his troops beyond the 31st, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin spoke by phone yesterday about the Afghan hornet’s nest.

While inside they must be laughing at the chaotic US march, which has weakened its image around the world, they are both concerned that the new Taliban regime will affect their respective countries. As long as China has a narrow border

80 kilometers in its troubled Muslim region of XinjiangRussia, which also failed in its occupation of Afghanistan, fears that the terrorism and drug trafficking financed by the Taliban will spread to its former Central Asian republics.

For that reason, Xi and Putin pledged to “fight terrorism, cut off drug trafficking and prevent security risks in Afghanistan by resisting interference from external forces and maintaining regional stability, ”according to the Chinese news agency Xinhua. In order not to repeat the same mistakes made by the White House and the former Soviet Union, Xi made it clear that “China respects Afghanistan’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, and pursues a policy of non-interference in its internal affairs. ». With an eye on the economic possibilities that open up for the future, whether in its reconstruction or in the exploitation of its minerals, he pointed out that Beijing “has always played an active role in the political solution of the Afghan problem.”


In another clear example of its pragmatism, the authoritarian Chinese regime was the first to give legitimacy to the Taliban when their foreign minister met with them. Wang Yi, last month, before his quick recapture of power. While Western ambassadors are being evacuated from Kabul on the run, the Chinese met on Tuesday with one of its leaders to promise him economic and diplomatic aid in exchange for security. Whitening these radical ‘Students of the Koran’, the Chinese Foreign spokesperson herself, Hua Chunying, said last week that “they are more rational and moderate than the last time they were in power”, when they imposed a theocratic regime of medieval terror between 1996 and 2001. With all these winks, China wants to prevent the jihadist terrorism of the Taliban spread to neighboring Xinjiang region, where it tries to erase its Muslim tradition with a police state that has locked up a million Uighurs in re-education camps.

In his talk with Putin, Xi called for “joining forces to encourage all factions in Afghanistan to build an inclusive political structure through dialogue, implement a moderate and prudent domestic and foreign policy and stay away from all terrorist groups, maintaining friendly relations with the rest of the world and, especially, with its neighbors, ”says Xinhua. After this first contact, both want to mark a position with the Taliban at next month’s summit in Tajikistan of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which includes China, Russia, India, Pakistan and other Central Asian countries bordering with Afghanistan.

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