Monday, January 17

Putin asks the WHO to recognize “as soon as possible” the Russian vaccine against Covid-19

Russian President Vladimir Putin, asked the World Health Organization (WHO) to include “as soon as possible” in its catalog of recognized vaccines against Covid-19 to the Russian Sputnik V, insofar as it depends on the fact that those who have put it on can move with the maximum possible freedom in any part of the world.

Putin has assured that the studies carried out show that the Russian vaccine is “one of the effective“And also” one of the safest. ” To date, more than 70 countries have adopted this drug, which requires two doses to complete the vaccination schedule.

The Russian president, who has received in Moscow the president of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Francesco Rocca, trusts achieve “support” to continue promoting Sputnik V and its recognition internationally.

With it, he wants “That people who were vaccinated with the Russian immunizer Sputnik V have the same opportunity that people immunized with other vaccines to move around the world ”. At the moment, the WHO has not set a date to make any decision on the matter.