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Putin aspirated powder vaccine as booster against COVID-19 | Digital Trends Spanish

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, reported that the third vaccine against COVID-19 that was administered as a booster, was administered via the nasal route and corresponded to the single-dose drug Sputnik Light.


Putin received the biological last Sunday, November 21, and according to the Russian state media RT, the vaccine was administered by means of a respirable powder that was given to him with a syringe.

Nasal vaccines are rare compared to intravenous vaccines, however they are currently used to prevent illnesses such as influenza.

However, there is a notable difference between the nasal vaccines given today and the one administered to President Putin. The difference is that nasal vaccines are usually aerosols, while according to RT, the one applied to Putin was a respirable dust.

According to the state media, a syringe that was filled with powder was used for the procedure. The president of Russia was asked to breathe in hard and then he spent 15 minutes resting with no reported side effects.

Nasal vaccines, key to face the covid

Russia is not the only country testing the use of nasal vaccines as a more effective way to fight COVID-19 infection. In the United Kingdom, the University of Oxford and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca also test this approach, considering that producing an immune response in the nose generates better protection against the coronavirus.

Both institutions are currently conducting phase 1 clinical trials to analyze the safety of their nasal vaccine, which is administered as a spray.

“By offering a nasal vaccine and creating an immune response in the nose, transmission can be more effectively reduced”, said to France24 one of those responsible for the study.

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