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Qatar 2022: everything you need to know to travel to the World Cup | Digital Trends Spanish

The next November 21 when Senegal and the Netherlands get the ball rolling, the game will officially begin. Qatar World Cup 2022and many are already fans who are thinking of traveling to the Middle Eastern country.

The former British colony became independent in 1971 and has a type of government of an Absolutist Emirate, its population is 2,641,669 inhabitants and its capital is Doha, home to the 974, Khalifa International and Al Thumama stadiums.

Its time zone is UTC +3, therefore the matches will be between 6 am and 1 pm ET time.

Arabic is the official languagebut French and English are also spoken. Its currency is the Qatari riyal (QAR) which you can find in presentation of bills (rials) and coins (dirhams).

To travel you must have: A valid passport valid for at least 6 months and also a confirmed or continuation return ticket.

Sanitary measures


* Complete original vaccination certificate either in English or Arabic. This must include: full name of the holder, name of the vaccine, serial number, dose and application dates.

* Pre-trip registration form if you are not vaccinated. You will be able to upload the requested documents (serological tests or PCR) at least 3 days before arrival at the place Web Ehteraz Qatar.

travel assistance

As a visitor to Qatar, you must have private health insurance to access health services. Hiring a travel assistance plan is the best way to guarantee your well-being and protection. Check that your benefits include:

* Medical assistance.

* Hospitalization.

* Sanitary repatriation.

* Luggage protection.

* Inquiry line.

What is prohibited in Qatar?

The first thing you should know is that the State is governed by Islam. Knowing and respecting the local laws, traditions and customs of Qatar is essential for a peaceful stay.

  • It is not allowed to drink alcohol in streets and public spaces, or be intoxicated. Beer will not be sold inside the stadiums, you will only be able to consume it in permitted establishments if you are over 21 years old.
  • There is zero tolerance for the use and possession of drugs. The medications that you carry in your luggage must carry a medical prescription signed and stamped by the hospital, specifying their dose and use.
  • Pay attention to what you should not carry in your suitcase! The importation of alcohol, drugs, pork products, religious books, pornographic material, electronic cigarettes and the like is prohibited.
  • Watch your body language, especially when it comes to police and officers. Rude gestures, insults, physical or verbal aggression can be grounds for imprisonment or even deportation.
  • Men and women must respect the dress code. No one may wear shorts, blouses or sleeveless shirts.

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