Friday, September 30

Qatar 2022 players will have an app to measure their performance | Digital Trends Spanish

It’s been a while since FIFA It has a performance tracking app that it makes available to national team managers and technical bodies that allows them to view bursts of statistics and match images on social media, and FIFA hopes it will include data and content from a new app for players.

FIFA said on Friday that all players will be able to browse their performance data in a specially designed app developed by the governing body that allows players from all 32 teams to access analysis and information.

The app will make use of input from FIFA performance analysts, tracking data and physical performance metrics such as distance covered, sprints and positional heatmaps.

Players will also receive match photos that they can share on social media along with stats and data.

“This player-centric development is based on direct feedback from players and is another great example of how FIFA is using technology to its fullest potential by enhancing the football experience for key players on the pitch,” said Johannes. Holzmueller, FIFA Director of Football Technology and Innovation.

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