Friday, December 9

Qatari officers prevent a Danish journalist from recording a broadcast and threaten to break his camera

“You have invited the entire world to come here. Why can’t we record? It’s a public place,” journalist Rasmus Tantholdt asked Qatari security agents during a broadcast for the Danish channel TV2. The officers interrupted the broadcast despite the fact that the reporter had the necessary accreditation and after showing the permit and authorization they even took his camera: “You can break the camera, do you want to break it? Are you threatening to destroy the camera?” he added.

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Tantholdt has denounced the situation, which occurred this Tuesday, also on his social networks, where he has specified that the International Media Office and the Supreme Committee of the country where the World Cup is being held this year have apologized for the behavior of the agents. According to statements by the correspondent to own medium, this tense moment “shows a bit of how things are normally in Qatar when there is no World Cup, and how they will be after. The security agents are trained in this way, it is a normal procedure, ”she assures. According to collect Guardianthe Supreme Committee of the country has recognized that the journalists of the TV2 channel “were interrupted by mistake”.

The video has gone viral just six days before the start of the World Cup, a competition that has not stopped accumulating criticism due to the violations of fundamental human rights in the country, especially LGTBI rights, gender equality and the rights of Workers. According to a Guardian investigation, thousands of migrant workers have died while working to build the facilities where the teams will play.

For this same reason, different teams have opted to send protest messages to the organizers. This is the case of Denmark, which wanted its athletes to wear a shirt with the motto “Human rights for all”, although FIFA finally prohibited it, alleging that its regulations they were not allowed to display political slogans on the uniforms. The Danish players will wear shirts with the icon of the manufacturer and main sponsor blurred out to raise awareness about this.

“It’s one thing how much journalists can reveal,” Tantholdt told TV2, “what’s special about this clip is that we’re not trying to reveal anything. Qatar is revealing itself”, adds the reporter, who has reflected on what will happen when the matches start and journalists from all over the world come to the country: “Will this happen to other media too?”

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