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Qualcomm also wants its part in the metaverse and aims for a 2022 with augmented reality glasses from brands such as Lenovo, OPPO or Xiaomi

Snapdragon Spaces is Qualcomm’s new platform, focused on offering augmented reality through applications for Android devices. Qualcomm’s new proposal comes at the same time as companies like Nvidia, Microsoft or Meta have shown their cards about the metaverse.

From Qualcomm itself they do not speak of metaverse and yes of augmented reality, although in the own release Regarding the new platforms, the different companies that collaborate with Qualcomm focus their discourse on that metaverse that seems to meet the expectations of so many companies.

Snapdragon Spaces is the evolution of existing ones XR1 and XR2 5G and this time it adds spatial mapping, plane detection and understanding of the environment and the scene. Mainly news when it comes to augmented reality glasses to better know where they are and adapt what they offer us depending on where we use them.

Lenovo, OPPO and Xiaomi will present glasses with the new Qualcomm platform in 2022

The first glasses to use this platform will be the Lenovo ThinkReality A3, glasses presented earlier this year but not yet available.

Accompanying Lenovo, Qualcomm explains that two other Android manufacturers such as Xiaomi and OPPO are also prepared to work together with Snapdragon Spaces and points to spring 2022 when we would see the glasses of these two manufacturers.

Qualcomm Allies

In addition to hardware manufacturers, Qualcomm has partnered with Epic Games, Unity and Niantic to develop applications and programs that make use of the augmented reality experiences that Qualcomm wants to offer through Snapdragon Spaces.

Qualcomm Spaces Capturas

Qualcomm has been talking about augmented reality for almost a decade and for years has been renewing its development kits for utilities of this style. It is the case that Oculus Quest 2, now located within Meta, make use of Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2. It would not be unreasonable to imagine a future Meta device that takes advantage of this new platform.

Qualcomm’s work with its open development kits has allowed other manufacturers to offer new devices. Now with Snapdragon Spaces they have a new tool so that they too can take the step to that “metaverse” which many seem to be interested in.

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