Wednesday, November 30

Queen unveils ‘Face It Alone’, a previously unreleased song with Freddie Mercury

The music group Queen has unveiled this Thursday the song ‘Face it alone’, an unreleased song from 1988 that they recorded together with the late lead singer of the band Freddie Mercury.

The song, which was recorded 34 years ago for the 1989 album ‘The Miracle’, has not been revealed until today on BBC Radio 2. It is four minutes long, begins with a plucked guitar and has a solemn tone. and sad, captivated by the voice of Mercury, who died just two years after the release of this album and a few months after ‘Innuendo’, the band’s last album with the British singer.

“We came across this gem from Freddie. We had almost forgotten about her”, said Roger Taylor, Queen’s drummer. “It is a wonderful discovery. A very passionate piece”, he added.

‘Face it alone’, which is one of the six unreleased songs that the band has prepared for the next reissue of ‘The Miracle’, was recorded halfway between London and Switzerland, when Mercury was already sick with HIV, as he drops in the song with phrases like, “In the end, you have to face it alone.”

“We gave it several turns and we thought we could not rescue it,” said Brian May, guitarist for the band on the BBC. “But in the end, after insisting, our team of sound engineers succeeded. It has been like putting together the pieces of a puzzle and something very beautiful has come out of it”.

‘Face it alone’ has been released as a single and can already be heard on the main music platforms, while the ‘boxset’ of ‘The Miracle’ will go on sale next November 18 and will have different demos, interviews and recordings unreleased from the album.