Monday, July 4

Queen’s Gambit becomes a Netflix game | Digital Trends Spanish

Taking advantage of its Geeked Week, Netflix presented this Friday, June 10, a new video game for its platform, based on its popular series queen’s gambit.

Now you can play chess alongside Beth, Benny and other characters from the series, and also visit some of the iconic locations from the series, such as the Las Vegas hotel and the roof of Beth’s orphanage. It’s all free through your existing Netflix account.

Queen’s Gambit will also include online games and chess lessons.


Another game announced by Netflix was Poinpy, a colorful climbing game with an adorable 2D art style. The game was created by Ojiro Fumoto, the maker of Downwelland is available to Netflix subscribers (at no additional cost) on mobile starting this Friday, June 10.

To get poinpyall you need to do is open your Netflix app on your phone, search for “Poinpy” and then the app will take you to the download.

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