Sunday, November 28

Questions and answers about mobility, capacity and schedules from tonight in Madrid and nine other cities with a high incidence of COVID

The new measures of the Ministry of Health for the cities with the worst COVID data will come into effect tonight at 10:00 p.m., regardless of the appeal that the regional government is going to present, which rejects the closure of the ten affected localities in the Community. These are minimum measures for the areas concerned, so in principle the restrictions already approved by the executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso remain in force in 45 health zones that double (1,000 cases per 100,000) the cumulative incidence set as a threshold by Health for its measurements (500 cases per 100,000, in addition to a positive rate of diagnostic tests above 10% and an ICU bed occupancy of more than 35%).

What cities does it affect and since when?

In accordance with the three technical criteria agreed at this time in Spain, only the order Fuenlabrada, Parla, Alcobendas, Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid, Getafe, Leganés, Móstoles and Alcalá de Henares should apply, all of them in the Community of Madrid. Pamplona has a high incidence but no hospital pressure. The order will be on from Friday at 22:00. The Region had 48 hours from its approval in the Interterritorial Council last Wednesday to transpose it.

How does it affect mobility?

I know will restrict entry and exit municipalities, except for those displacements, adequately justified, that occur for work, health, legal and judicial reasons, education (including exams), return to the place of habitual residence, assistance to dependent people, financial entities or for other causes of force majeure or situation of need duly accredited.

In the event that these cities have to be crossed or bypassed, traffic roads it will be possible, as long as it has its origin and destination outside of them.

As for what happens within the cities, the movement of residents will be possible, always respecting the individual and collective protection measures established by the health authorities (use of masks, social distance, etc.).

How many people can get together at the same time, including to play sports?

They are reduced to six people social and family gatherings, except in the case of cohabitants. This measure was already in force in the Community of Madrid. In addition to people who live together, “labor or institutional activities or activities in which specific limits or measures are established” are exempted from this prohibition.

The six-person limit includes group sports. Furthermore, in sports facilities the maximum capacity will be fifty percent indoors and sixty percent outdoors.

How are the bars and restaurants going to work?

The bars, restaurants and other hotel and restaurant establishments, as well as local games and bets They may be open until 23:00 (except food delivery at home, they may work until later), although they will not be able to admit new clients from 22:00. Right now, in the 45 restricted areas by the Community of Madrid the closing time is at 22:00, which would gain an additional hour by applying these recommendations as is.

The maximum capacity will be fifty percent indoors and sixty percent outdoors, while bar consumption will not be allowed. Also the maximum occupancy will be six people per table or group of tables.

How will it affect stores, commercial premises or academies?

The shopsCommercial premises and services open to the public will have a maximum capacity of fifty percent and the closing time may not exceed 22:00, “except for the exceptions that are foreseen.”

For its part, academies, driving schools and private centers Non-regulated teachings will have a maximum capacity of fifty percent.

Will there be restrictions on places of worship, wakes, and burials?

In places of worship, as churches and temples, the maximum capacity will be one third; while in the wakes There may be fifteen people in outdoor spaces or ten in closed spaces, whether or not they are living together. Participation in the entourage for the burial or dismissal for the cremation of the deceased person will be restricted to a maximum of fifteen people.

Are there changes in the capacity of cinemas, theaters and cultural activities?

No, these spaces are not mentioned in the minimum order issued by Health. Each Autonomous Community is in charge of establishing the capacity and rules that govern these activities. In the case of the Community of Madrid, which is where the new measures will be applied, according to the Regional Bulletin, these types of spaces may carry out their activity with pre-assigned seats, provided that they do not exceed seventy-five percent of the allowed capacity in each room for each activity, show or exhibition. “When different activities are scheduled in the same space on a day, the public space will be cleaned and disinfected before the start of another new cultural activity. It must be guaranteed in all At the moment the use of a mask, as well as that, among groups of people who acquire the localities jointly, there is a locality that is not used.

What about the parks?

In a first version of the draft of the proposal that the Ministry of Health presented to the CCAA, the closure of the children’s areas of the parks was established. Finally, the central government withdrew this measure from the draft and the approved order. At present, the parks in the 45 areas in which the CAM applies restrictions due to their high rate of contagions are completely closed. The regional government could maintain this closure despite the entry into force of the Health order, since it involves minimal measures.