Tuesday, September 26

Queue to climb the second highest mountain in the world: 145 climbers summit K2 in a single day

The scenes of solitary climbers on their ascent to one of the most dangerous mountains in the world have given way to massive expeditions in which dozens of people wait in line to reach the summit. On July 22, more than a hundred climbers reached the top of K2, the second highest summit in the world, breaking a new record.

A video posted by a Nepalese climber shows a long line of people ascending towards the summit of K2. At 8,611 meters high, K2 is the second highest mountain in the world, only behind Everest, but for many it is the most difficult. Even so, last day 22 there would have been 145 promotions, the same ones that achieved it between 1954 and 1996, according to The country.

The images shared by Nepalese Sherpa Mingma G on Twitter and Instagram portray the traffic jam that occurred in the area known as the “bottleneck” of K2, in the Abruzzo Spur, the most used route to the summit of this mountain located in the Karakórum Mountain Range, in the border of Pakistan and China.

According to mountaineer Kent Cool, more than a hundred people reached the top on the same day, the highest figure in its history. The section known as the “bottleneck”, where the images are recorded, entails a special risk because it requires climbing several sections of ice above 7,800 meters. It is also considered the most dangerous part of K2.

That risk has not prevented the same crowds from occurring on K2 that already took place on Everest three years ago. In 2019, photographs taken on the last stretch of the ascent to the top also showed dozens of mountaineers stopped, on the highest edge of the mountain, waiting to reach the highest peak in the world.


In addition to the video shared by Mingma G, Sherpa Nirmal Purja has posted a photo of the team of more than 30 people that led to the top last July 22. another picture shows the row of climbers who climbed K2 on the same day.