Sunday, May 22

Queues of several hours on the first night of the Vida Festival due to antigen screening

The Vida Festival, in Vilanova i la Geltrú, has been one of the pioneers in bringing together thousands of people without safety distances, but with a prior antigen test. The problem is that on their first night of concerts, this Thursday, the screening has caused long queues to access the venue, of more than two or three hours in some cases.

At 11:00 pm, an hour later than scheduled to finish all the screenings, there were still more than a hundred people in the ward, waiting to take the antigen test. Some of them could not undergo the test because the staff had finished their shift and had to return home without being able to enter the Vilanova campus.

A problem with the validation of the QR codes of the app was what delayed the entrance of the public, with waits that dragged until night and that, in some cases, have reached three hours. The contest director, Dani Poveda, apologized to the audience and asked for “patience” on the first day.

“We have to learn from what is happening and we will implement new measures. We will continue to make efforts on it,” Poveda explained in statements to ACN. The festival, which will close to 10,000 attendees, which, according to Poveda, is on the verge of “sold out”, has been a “major” challenge at the organizational level. In fact, the same festival has projected on the screen of the main stage an apology message before the start of the headlining concert.

Old Morla returns to tour

This Thursday’s Vida Festival was the first concert of the Madrid band Vetusta Morla, in a tour restart that will take them through theaters with reduced seats and a safe distance. The concert began and ended with the piece ‘Los Días Raros’ -descriptive of the current moment- as a prologue and epilogue. During the performance, the Madrid band reviewed some of the greatest hits from their discography, such as ‘Copenhagen’, ‘Cuartel de Invierno’, ‘Maldita dulzura’, ‘La deriva’ and ‘Maps’.

They also performed a good part of their fifth album, released just before the pandemic, ‘MSDL – Songs Inside Songs’, a complete reissue of the last album, ‘Same Site Distinct Place’ (2017). Thus, the public of Vida has been able to listen to the reversioned ‘Palmeras en la mancha’, ‘Advice from the wise’, ‘The old school’, ‘April 23’, ‘Point of no return’ and ‘I say it to you’.

The singer from Vetusta Morla, Juan Pedro Martín Almarza – popularly known as ‘Pucho’ -, has welcomed “Life, to life” and has celebrated “the moment” that the festival has given them. “We have music, we have masks, some more than others,” he joked, while asking for understanding with the delays in screening.