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Quevedo’s success or how to revolutionize the music scene

When someone types ‘Quevedo’ in Google, the first result is no longer the Golden Age poet, but Pedro Luis Domínguez Quevedo (Madrid, 2001), the artist who in recent months has revolutionized the world music scene with his hoarse voice , the consecration of stay as a song of the summer —along with the despise of Rosalía—and a certain division of opinions about her figure.

In the guts of Gallery, Colors and Bizarrap, a musical phenomenon that catches millions

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Quevedo’s success is atypical: he neither has a multinational backing him nor has he published an album. His repertoire is reduced to twenty songs, many of them collaborations. Together with the DJ and producer Bizarrap (Gonzalo Julián Conde, Buenos Aires, 1998), who emerged a few years ago backed by a small record label, Quevedo has established himself as one of the great names on the urban scene after participating in one of the famous sessions of the Argentine musician.

The Bizarrap session with Quevedo, the 52nd of the artist from Buenos Aires, has been the one that has grown the fastest in number of reproductions. The Argentine DJ has also been the host of artists such as Snow Tha Product, Nathy Peluso or Residente, who took advantage of the session to open a notorious war against J Balvin. El Quédate de Quevedo y Bizarrap is already close to 319 million plays on Spotify and has led charts such as the Billboard Global 200, Billboard Global —excluding the US— and Los 40, in Spain.

Before collaborating with Bizarrap, Quevedo had already sneaked into the album = of Ed Sheeran with a remix of 2Step. A milestone that made him the only Spanish-speaking artist to collaborate with the British artist.

The Canarian urban school

The Canarian artist already wears the medal of having been the Spanish artist who has led the Spotify Global list for the longest time —the same can be said by his “partner” Bizarrap regarding Argentina. Five weeks in the top 1. A success that is nothing more than the confirmation that urban music made in the Canary Islands seems to set the agenda for emerging music in this genre.

They already proved it with Night fell, a theme that accumulates more than 175 million views on that platform. The song was a kind of punch on the table of a booming school that has outstanding students such as Cruz Cafuné, Juseph, La Pantera, Abhir Hathi or El Ima, all from the archipelago.

And it is that the label that carries Quevedo, Taste the Floor, seems to know the formula to turn what underground in mainstreamwith a portfolio full of productions with a Canarian accent that draw more on Latin and Caribbean rhythms, to the sound of reggaeton and trap, somewhat removed from mainland Spain.

In fact, Taste the Floor is also the home of El Herreño Don Patricio, who rose to fame with his counting molesand other pioneering artists in Spanish urban music who have come from the islands, such as Bejo and the group that he has together with Don Patricio himself and Uge, also from the Canary Islands, called Locoplaya.

This label also has other peripheral artists who have been successful lately, such as Bad Gyal (Barcelona), Califato 3/4 (Seville) or Foyone (Málaga).

Confinement, Times Square, Ibai and festival tour

Although until months ago he was practically unknown on the Spanish music scene, Quevedo’s success has been simmering since the confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was then that he decided to start writing and uploading his own songs to the platforms of streaming and launch various themes like Moon, Do not tell me anything either Gray.

Of all the topics he published at that time, Now and always, published already in 2021 was his great success. According to Spotify data, it has exceeded 67 million views since its premiere.

The fame that Quevedo has achieved in the last three months, since May, has taken him to the screens of Times Square, where he appeared as one of the artists on Spotify’s radar shortly before publishing Stay. The premiere of the session with Bizarrap caught the attention of the streamer Ibai Llanos, who reacted live on Twitch to the premiere of the song and invited the Canarian artist to sing at the boxing event organized by the streamerknown as ‘The Evening of the Year’, which was seen by more than three million viewers.

After that, Quevedo has continued with a tour of the main urban music events and festivals in Spain in which he is still immersed and which has served to open a debate that his followers play down: the use of auto tune and of playback.

Those who defend him point out that Quevedo sings for a good part of his set and that it is only when the turn of his latest success arrives, staywhen he prefers to leave the microphone on the floor, play the track and listen to the thousands of people shouting the song while he dances with his friends, who go on stage.

Quevedo himself has joked about it through his Instagram and has taken iron away from it in some storiesthe only means by which he communicates with his followers and with the rest of the world, since at the moment he does not accept interviews.