Friday, December 3

Quirky PlayDate and its crank delayed to 2022 due to “critical battery issue”

A couple of years ago, Panic announced the PlayDate, a peculiar and striking console with certain GameBoy airs that stood out for its crank. The company began accepting reservations at the end of 2019 with the goal of shipping the first units in early 2020.

However, we are in 2021 and the first batch of units has not shipped yet, nor will it. And it is that the company has announced that shipments of the first units are delayed until early 2022 due to “a critical problem with the battery that was detected late in the process.” Outcome? The batteries in all units had to be replaced.

The batteries play a trick on Panic

The company, which is actually a video game distributor (see ‘Firewatch‘ and ‘Untitled Goose Game‘), has not given too much detail about the ruling itself. They simply claim that it is a critical failure and that it has been discovered at an advanced stage of production.

This has caused the firm to have to replace the batteries of all the units that made up the first batch of shipments, 20,000 according to Panic. As a positive aspect, Panic anticipates that the autonomy of the console will be improved.


This batch was scheduled to start shipping already, at the end of 2021, but eventually it will have to wait until early 2022. According to Panic, “the current place of customers in the queue to receive a Playdate will not change due to this delay as long as their previous order is still active.”

On the other hand, Panic has been affected by the shortage of semiconductors in which we find ourselves immersed. Therefore, the PlayDate that are manufactured in the future will have “new CPU chips and redesigned boards”. The company claims that nothing in the final product will change and that it is a necessary change.


Finally, from the signature they have given more information about the first season of video games. It will start when the console starts and the user will receive two games immediately, and then two more games every Monday for three months.

More information | Panic

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