Thursday, July 29

Racist insults in the final of Europe against English players who missed penalties

Italy’s victory in the Euro Cup final has brought with it a wave of racist attacks and insults against the British team players who missed penalties, Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka. One of them, Marcus Rashford, had already publicly denounced numerous discriminatory attacks on social media in May, as well as the constant use of monkey emojis in response to his posts.

On this occasion, the comments flooded both social networks and the streets and bars of the United Kingdom, including Wembley Stadium itself, generating moments of great tension and violence. The situation reached such a level of aggressiveness that the prime minister, Boris Johnson, had to put a tweet in which he affirmed that “this British team deserves to be honored as heroes, not to receive racist abuse on social networks.” The politician went on to say that “those responsible for these appalling abuses should be ashamed.”

For its part, the Metropolitan Police has opened an investigation into the abuse, reports The Guardian. “We are aware of a series of offensive and racist comments on social networks directed at footballers after the final of Euro 2020. This abuse is totally unacceptable, will not be tolerated and will be investigated,” he said via Twitter.

Several users responded to Johnson’s message accusing him of hypocrisy in denouncing the racist attacks after not to show support for the British team’s decision to kneel before the game, a protest gesture against violence and racist oppression initiated in the United States and related to the Black Lives Matter movement. He was also criticized attitudes and previous statements with markedly racist overtones, such as when he stated that “colonialism in Africa should never have ended”.

The English Football Association also criticized the racist behavior of the British public with a message in which they say they are “disgusted that some of our people, who have given everything for the shirt this summer, have suffered discriminatory abuse after tonight’s game “, stating that they are on the side of the players and sharing an official statement in which they position themselves against” all forms of discrimination. ” From the association they also defend that they will do “everything they can to support the affected players while asking for the harshest possible punishments for anyone responsible.”

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