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Radical leftist Bellido is invested as ‘premier’ by the Peruvian Congress

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The Prime Minister of Peru, Guido Bellido, obtained the investiture vote of Congress after two days of debates in which he presented the government roadmap and left unanswered the questions that surround several of the ministers such as Labor, Defense, Environment , Culture, Transport, Housing and himself. «I appreciate the trust of the Congress of the Republic, which motivates us to work from this very moment, to implement a series of measures that I presented to the representatives of the people, but also to push with greater determination those that we have already been executing, “said Bellido after receiving the favorable vote of the Legislative .

During his speech, Bellido, 42, spoke in Quechua (one of the three official languages) and generated complaints in plenary because, not having a simultaneous translator of the same, it was not understood the first time. At another time, the prime minister, born in Cusco, took a bag from the sack of coca leaves and began to chew them with lime, as they do in the Andes to regain energy.

In the bloc of 50 congressmen who voted against Bellido’s inauguration are the Fuerza Popular, Renovación Popular, Avanza País parties, four legislators from the Somos Perú-Partido Morado block, two legislators from the Alianza por el Progreso and two legislators from Podemos Peru.

Various investigations

Bellido is being investigated in the Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office for apology of terrorism and by the judicial team that followed politicians from the right and left, of which the prosecutor Richard Rojas is part; who investigates the leader of the ‘Peru Libre’ party, Vladimir Cerrón and Bellido himself for appearing in more than one recording where he seeks collect 180,000 euros of deposit in favor of Cerrón, due to the judicial process in which he was convicted of corruption when he was governor of Junín between 2011 and 2014. Bellido is, in addition to being a congressman, very close to the leader of ‘Peru Libre’, Vladimir Cerrón, a declared Marxist-Leninist , who ended up prevailing over the sector of moderates who were looking for a consensus ‘premier’.

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