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Radio Galega gives voice to a lawyer who asks for “love” for Santi Mina and assures that “he had a bad night”

Radio Galega, with 100% public capital, gave voice this Wednesday to the lawyer Pablo Viana, who defended the soccer player Santi Mina and his chances of continuing to play for Celta de Vigo despite having been convicted of a crime of sexual abuse . The lawyer was contacted by the Zona Mixta sports program, which is broadcast daily between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Viana began his intervention by acknowledging that the sentence condemning the player had not yet been read, but she did not hesitate to conclude that when he abused the young woman who denounced him, he did so because he had had “a bad night.” According to his account, the victim wanted to take advantage of the footballer and not the other way around.

Celta de Vigo footballer Santi Mina sentenced to four years in prison for sexual abuse

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During the conversation, the lawyer was not reprimanded at any time by the presenter of the program. Moreover, in his final argument, the lawyer said: “This has been a bad afternoon, a bad night, a bad drunk, a mistake. And on the other hand there are people who take advantage of the fact that they have Santi Mina in front of them”. After those words, the presenter of the public channel pointed out: “It is the explanation we were looking for. Thank you very much”.

The interview with the lawyer occupied a space close to 10 minutes on the air. During that time, the lawyer said the following about the sexual aggressor: “He is a person who is in a delicate moment and who has left his skin for the club. I don’t think it’s best at this point to push it away. He doesn’t have too much justification.”

He also assured that the footballer should have reached an economic agreement with the victim. That idea is the one that the website of the autonomous channel maintains today active on the internet for whoever wants to listen the full interview: “It has been a big mistake to get to the act of the oral trial. The player had to have thought about the possibility of an agreement for many thousands of euros that they had asked for”. The fact is that Mina did try that agreement: 400,000 euros in exchange for silence.

The only downside of the host of the program to the ideas of the lawyer occurred around the hypothesis that the condemned man can step on the soccer field again. “It is very difficult to think about seeing Santi Mina play games from now on with what they can say to him from the stands”. The lawyer responded immediately: “People must re-educate themselves. You have to respect the player who is exercising his profession. If they call him such and such on the fields, then that will have to be subject to sanctions to the club that allows that type of chants in its stands. It will be up to the player to decide if he can play with that pressure or not”.

Viana was also against Celta de Vigo deciding to fire the player: “It’s anticipated. For the love and treatment that you must give a player in this situation”.

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