Friday, September 30

Rafael Vidal and Gran Wyoming reveal all the secrets of Valencian paella at the festival

Gastronomy has also played a leading role in the 10th Anniversary Festival and what better place than Valencia to show the world how to cook a paella, albeit with a good touch of humour.

At 2:00 p.m., the Gran Wyoming took the stage in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, who together with the Valencian paella master Rafael Vidal, have unraveled the secrets of the most international native dish, whose original recipe has been declared an Asset of Intangible Cultural Interest.

Thus, while Wyoming and Vidal have commented on all kinds of anecdotes and myths related to paella, the chef’s son, Víctor Vidal, has cooked it live in just over an hour with the 10 traditional ingredients, as Vidal has detailed: “Oil, chicken, rabbit, green beans, carob beans, tomato, saffron, rice and salt; no broccoli, chorizo ​​or things like that that they put out there; I always say that there is already enough chorizo ​​eating paella to put it inside”, he joked.

Apart from these ingredients, according to Vidal, there are other accessories that can be added depending on the area or the time of year, “for example, in Albufera they usually change chicken and rabbit for duck, in Benicarló it is typical to add artichoke and in other areas they add laminated garlic to the tomato sauce”.

Wyoming has proven to be a perfect connoisseur of the Valencian paella culture and has transferred all kinds of questions to Vidal related to the key aspects when cooking it: “Here in Valencia we know that paella plays on Sundays, for those of you who are it’s almost a religion from here” he stated while the chef Víctor Vidal gave him a taste of the broth: “Now it would be good to say that I didn’t like it (laughs). Fantastic, wonderful, spectacular dear friends!”

Asked about the main key for a good paella to come out, Vidal stated that “the most important thing is to make a good sauce with the chicken and rabbit, it is what will give it the flavour” while he also spoke of the importance of cooking for what influences from the hardness of the water (the lime it contains), which in the case of Valencia is among the hardest in Spain, as well as the height at which it is carried out (it is not the same to do it in Valencia as in the Pyrenees) by the degrees that the water needs to boil depending on the atmospheric pressure.

“Is it convenient that there be ‘socarrat’?” Wyoming asked, to which Vidal stated that “yes, it is convenient that there be ‘socarrat’, what happens is that it has its difficulties, it must always be a brownish color , not black because then it is ‘cremat’”.

After the preparation of the paella, Wyoming has affirmed that it is undoubtedly the most universal dish that exists: “I am not saying this because I am in Valencia, but it is that anywhere in the world you ask for paella and they tell you that you are Spanish, and that without That the one who tells you has eaten an authentic Valencian paella and without ever having cooked it, is incredible”.

In this line, Vidal has finished with an anecdote: “Last March a trip was made to the space station and for the first time he took a traditional cuisine dish, a paella cooked by the chef and friend José Andrés”.

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