Sunday, January 16

Rail prices to rise by the largest amount in nearly a decade-here are all the details

Annual increases to regulated rail fares, such as season tickets and off-peak tickets, are usually linked to the previous July’s retail price index (RPI), which was stated as 3.8% by the Office for National Statistics in August. However, the Government has only now confirmed that rail fares will rise by this amount in 2022. They had risen by a larger RPI + 1% this year.

Increases are normally implemented on the first working day of each year but have been delayed until March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rail minister Chris Heaton-Harris says this offers people the chance to “save money by renewing their fares at last year’s price”. He adds that capping hikes at July’s RPI “strikes a fair balance” between what train passengers pay and the need to invest in the railways.

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How regulated rail fares are calculated