Monday, July 26

Rajoy reappears to criticize the inclusive policy of the Government: “There is too much kick to the dictionary; the ‘todes’, the ‘hijes'”

The former president of the Government and former president of the national PP, Mariano Rajoy, has attacked the central Executive and its Council of Ministers and has done so with a criticism of the inclusive language that promotes purple training. “There is too much kick to the dictionary; the ‘todes’, the ‘hijes’, too much kick to the dictionary,” he has proclaimed, after which he received a loud applause.

Feijóo retreats to Galicia and re-elects himself in front of Ayuso’s long shadow

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In his speech at the 17th Congress of the PPdeG, which has reelected Alberto Núñez Feijóo as party president for the fifth time, he stressed that while in Galicia Galician citizens “can rest easy”, the same is not the case “600 kilometers away.”

“There is too much politics of tweets, headlines, propaganda. Too many problems even though Pablo Iglesias has gone, inside and outside, with the Supreme Court, with the Constitutional Court,” he said, adding that this way “it is very difficult” for a government that take care of people. “And there is too much kick to the dictionary, the ‘todes’, the ‘hijes’. Too much artist of the Spanish language in the Council of Ministers”, he has sentenced.

When the fined asks for prudence

On the evolution of the pandemic, Rajoy has asked citizens for “prudence”. It is his first manifestation about the evolution of the coronavirus after it was known that he himself was fined for going out for a walk when he was not allowed by confinement. “For everyone to be cautious. You cannot ask the Government for everything,” said Rajoy from the stage in which Feijóo has once again proclaimed himself the absolute leader of the Popular Party of Galicia.

Support for Married

Rajoy has expressed his support for the “sensible alternative” in the central Executive represented by the PP and Pablo Casado, to whom he said that “everyone will help” to get the Moncloa, each one in what “can”. In his speech there has not been a single reference to Isabel Díaz Ayuso who listened to him from the first row of guests.

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