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Ram asks the public for help to design its electric pickup | Digital Trends Spanish

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Truck maker Ram is unusually late to the electric pickup field. when your next Ram 1500EV -or whatever it ends up being called- arrives on the market in 2024, according to the manufacturer, it will be received by the Ford F-150 Lightning (the electric version of the popular F-150), the Chevrolet Silverado EV, the GMC Hummer EV, the Rivian RT1 and, if you don’t hurry, even Tesla’s Cybertruck may already be on sale.

Ram, however, does not plan to go unnoticed in the world of electric vehicles until its electric pickup arrives. The brand has just started an advertising campaign through which it wants the public to participate in the process of creating its first electric pickup. The center of this is a website called Ram Revolution, where the company aims to collect comments, questions and concerns from the public in order to apply them in the development of the vehicle.

In Ram Revolution, users will receive exclusive content and images related to the progress of the electric pickup; this will give consumers a deeper insight into the development process of the brand’s electric vehicles.

Ram will also hold a nationwide, year-long Ram Real Talk Tour in which they plan to interview truck owners across the country to learn about their daily needs and how an electric pickup could satisfy them.

At this point it should be clarified that, if it is really going to be presented in 2024, the development and design of Ram’s electric truck must already be highly advanced, and several of its attributes and characteristics should be fully defined. This does not mean that the information that Ram obtains through this process will not influence the final product, especially since much of it can be applied in the important stage of the final adjustment or refinement of the model, where the remedies to the problems detected in the field tests and in which last minute changes can be made.

Like Jeep, one of its peers in the Stellantis portfolio of American brands, Ram has proven time and time again over the past decade that it’s a contender not to be overlooked; In 2021, the Ram pickup displaced the Chevrolet Silverado from the traditional second place in sales of vehicles of all kinds in the United States. Plus, their Ram 1500 light-duty truck is one of the most award-winning vehicles on the market. If I were one of Ram’s competitors, I would be very aware of this effort, and of course, its result.

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