Wednesday, March 22

Ranking of billionaires: where was Mark Zuckerberg after the collapse of Facebook

Meta shares fell more than 26% on Thursday after the holding company surprised investors with a sharper-than-expected earnings decline.

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, plunged more than $230 billion in market value, similar to the size of the New Zealand economy.

Warren Buffet now takes Zuckerberg’s place

The Top 10 of the richest in the world, which continues to be headed by Musk, has in second place Bernard Arnault, whose fortune amounts to 167,000 million dollars.

Third place is occupied by Jeff Bezos, with a fortune of 164,000 million dollars.

follows him Bill Gates (fourth), with $129 billion; Y Larry Page (fifth), with 127,000 million dollars.

The sixth position is occupied by Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, which has a heritage of $122 billion; the seventh position, previously led by Zuckerberg, is led by Warren Buffet, who accumulates a fortune of 114,000 million dollars.

Steve Ballmer, who was CEO of Microsoft, is at number eight with $108 billion; Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, is in ninth position with $100 billion and finally in the tenth position appears Zuckerberg, with a net worth of $89 billion.

Top 10 billionaires in the world

1. Elon Musk – $231 billion

2. Bernard Arnault – $167 billion

3. Jeff Bezos – $164 billion

4. Bill Gates – $129 billion

5. Larry Page – $127 billion

6. Sergey Brin – $122 billion

7. Warren Buffett – $114 billion

8. Steve Ballmer – $108 billion

9. Larry Ellison – $100 billion

10. Mark Zuckerberg – $89 billion