Wednesday, January 19

Ransomware attack could leave workers without their Christmas payments | Digital Trends Spanish

A serious problem has come to light and could affect many people before Christmas shopping. This is because a ransomware attack affected a payment and human resources management company called Kronos Private Cloud, and would have consequences on the checks issued by various companies to their employees.

Among the names of companies that work with Kronos services are Honda, GameStop and Whole Foods, as well as the office that manages the subway in New York City, some hospitals and even a government agency in the state of West Virginia.

In statements collected by the NBC, a Whole Foods employee indicated that among the staff there is some fear about the checks that would have to be delivered on Friday, December 17 and that they could not arrive on time, which would be a big problem for those affected.

Despite the inconvenience, from Whole Foods they assured that workers would have nothing to fear and that their payments will be made on time. Meanwhile, other affected organizations already have contingency plans for situations like this, so their remuneration management should not be affected.

It is worth mentioning that the Kronos system is not only used to make payments, but also to record hours worked and everything related to this type of management at the company level.

In its Official site, Kronos has provided detailed information about what happened. And in particular, the company mentions that it is investigating whether this ransomware attack is related to the vulnerability called Log4j, discovered less than a week ago and which was only known to have the potential to affect services on a large scale.

Kronos assures that they acted quickly when they learned about the problem, but that it is not yet clear if the problem with the Java library has something to do with it.

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