Thursday, July 7

Raquel Sánchez assures that she will leave “the skin” as minister: “I will try to contribute to improve things in Catalonia”

The until now mayor of Gavá (Barcelona), Raquel Sánchez Jiménez, who will replace the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, at the head of this department, has assured that she is going to leave “the skin” in her new position. “After a year and a half of this terrible pandemic that we are overcoming, it is time to face the great challenges of this country with the utmost determination and leaving my skin. I am going to do it for the whole of this country and the Spaniards,” he said. affirmed.

Sánchez uses the PSOE for the Government and opens a new stage in the party

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This was stated this Sunday by Raquel Sánchez in statements to the media, minutes after holding the plenary session of resignation from her condition of mayor and councilor in the Gavá City Council. “I owe everything to my city, my people, my teams, I have grown up here, I have been trained. I will try to contribute my work to also improve things in Catalonia, that is a very important challenge and this has been set by the president of the Government “, he pointed out.

Although he stressed that he cannot “get into more content matters”, he has made a “first words of gratitude” to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez and his city: “I accept this challenge with enormous pride, determination but also with great humility “.

Sánchez has revealed that when the President of the Government proposed to join the executive, she showed him her availability, although she had an “ambivalent” feeling because this meant leaving the City Council of her hometown, after seven years as mayor.

In her speech, the until now mayor has proposed that the municipal plenary session of Gavà, in which the PSC has an absolute majority, elect tomorrow as its substitute the socialist councilor Gemma Badia, currently in charge of the Public Space, Security and Coexistence area . “She is a great person, a woman, exceptionally prepared, with firm convictions and serene when she plays,” the mayor has stressed so far about her successor, convinced that she will do it “very well” at the head of the consistory.

The new minister has been moved in plenary by admitting that in recent years she has sacrificed part of her personal life for her work in the institutions and by assuring that her mother, now deceased, would be “very proud” of her. All the opposition groups have celebrated the appointment of the mayor as the new minister, thanked her for her work, wished her good luck and success in her new task and also applauded that she had contributed to putting Gavà’s name on the map. .

“I am a neighbor of Gavà, I have given everything, I have done the best that I have known and have been able to,” replied the mayor until today, who has promised the neighbors that they will continue to see her in the municipality: “I will continue to be one more citizen from Gavà, I will always be with you “. In subsequent statements to journalists, Sánchez has still not wanted to go into specifics on how she will face projects such as the expansion of the El Prat airport, which has caused rejection in several municipalities in the area, including Gavà.