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Razer wants you to play with these finger sleeves | Digital Trends Spanish

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Razer has released a new product intended for the public gamer: some finger covers. Yes, you read that right. Officially, they are called the Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve, but they look like little socks to cover the fingertips of the hand.

Now, what is the function of this curious article? It is not to prevent your fingers from freezing from the cold, rather they have been created to have a better grip when playing on mobile devices.

That way, when you wear the Razer cases while you play Fortnite, PUBG or any other game on your cell phone, you will prevent your fingers from slipping off the screen.

According to him website, the covers are made from a “soft, high-sensitivity fabric,” consisting of 35 percent silver fiber fabric, 60 percent nylon, and 5 percent elastane.

Plus, they’re “lightweight and breathable” and come in classic Razer colors: black and bright green (just missing RGB lighting). The pair costs $ 9.99 and comes in a one size fits all, as they are flexible and can be easily adapted to the wearer’s fingers.

As curious as it may sound, Razer nailed it with its new release. Just a couple of hours after their release, the covers were sold out on the company’s website.

However, it should be noted that finger sleeves are nothing new. There are companies that offer them for Internet for more than a year varying in prices and quality. Be that as it may, it is an article demanded by the gamers, so Razer will probably replenish its stock very soon.

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