Sunday, April 2

Read Pablo Casado’s farewell speech in Congress

The still leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, has taken advantage of his intervention in the government control session to say goodbye to Congress. Casado has not asked Pedro Sánchez the planned question and has chosen to affirm that he understands politics “from the defense of the noblest principles and values, from respect for opponents and dedication to colleagues, all to serve Spain and the cause of freedom.” “This is the future of our children and that we must all build together”, he has concluded. The president of the PP has left the Hemicycle after Sánchez’s response together with the three faithful leaders that remain: Ana Beltrán, Pablo Montesinos and Antonio González Terol.

Thank you Madam President, Mr President.

We Spaniards have courageously built one of the world’s great democracies, in the face of many threats, such as the one experienced by this Chamber just 41 years ago today in a coup d’état.

We were able to overcome enmities and fractures with an exemplary constitutional pact, with loyalty and gratitude to those who have preceded us. Since then, harmony and reconciliation have guided the lives of all Spaniards in the face of resentment and anger.

Spain found itself and found its place in the world, conquering freedom and prosperity.

Today I reiterate what I told you in your investiture debate: that our responsibility was to widen the space of centrality so that both the Popular Party and the Socialist Party could win in it.

Without the need for pacts with those who do not believe in Spain, or alliances with those who attacked it.

That has always been the trajectory of my party, in which 4 of the 7 fathers of the Constitution participated, the political family that founded the European Union, the home of so many victims of terrorism who gave their lives for freedom, and the engine that has created millions of jobs to sustain well-being.

In these difficult times, at the end of a terrible pandemic and at the beginning of an international crisis, our duty is to restore tranquility to our elders, hope to our families, and hope to our young people.

I hope that the Government puts itself at the service of the general interest with respect to the institutions, to national unity and to the equality of all Spaniards. Because it is to them that we owe ourselves. To no one else.

I understand politics from the defense of the noblest principles and values, from respect for opponents and dedication to colleagues. Everything to serve Spain and the cause of freedom.

Because that is the future that our children deserve and that we must all build together.

Thank you very much