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Ready to participate? CoinEx Exchange updates its Ambassador Program

In March 2020 CoinEx, the global financial platform belonging to the ViaBTC group, launched its Ambassador Program. Since then, the program has been a success. For this reason, and after almost two years of its creation, the exchange wants to implement new rules to expand its reach and benefit an increasing number of people.

About the CoinEx Exchange Ambassador Program

The Ambassadors Program CoinEx was created with one goal: contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency industry and bring benefits to users. Participants must share a referral link with their friends to invite them to join the exchange.

The ambassadors They receive a commission of up to 50% of the commissions generated by their referrals in spot trading, margin trading and perpetual contracts. With a market as changeable and volatile as bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, CoinEx recognizes the importance of adapting. Thus, he decided to update the rules of entry to the program.

This is what’s new in the CoinEx Ambassador Program

One of the most important updates has to do with the evaluation terms. Referrals must reach a certain monthly trading volume for the ambassador to earn a commission percentage in USDT. The number of operations is another parameter that is taken into account. Depending on these data, an ambassador is classified in the category silver, gold The diamond.

Before, the ambassadors belonging to the category silver they had to have a trading volume greater than or equal to USD 500,000 and a number of trades of 10 or more. Now the number of trades is only 3, while the trading volume remains the same, as does the commission percentage, which is 40%.

for the category gold, the trading volume went from a minimum requirement of USD 2,500,000 to USD 1,000,000, with a percentage of 45% and a number of operations of 3 or more. for the ambassadors diamond, the required trading volume is no longer USD 10,000,000, now it is USD 5,000,000 with a percentage of 50% and a minimum number of operations of 5.


Regarding the privileges of the ambassadors, there are also news. Before, the ambassador only received rewards up to 24 months after the registration of the referral. Today, the rewards are permanent, as long as the user meets the requirements to remain in the program.

Do you want to be a CoinEx ambassador? Know the requirements

If you want to participate in the Ambassadors Program of CoinEx Exchange, this is the best moment. To do this, you can make a request if you meet the following requirements:

  • Manage at least one Telegram group that works independently.
  • Manage personal accounts on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Have experience in offline events, such as meetings and fan clubs.
  • Have experience in promoting cryptocurrency exchanges, either online or offline.
  • Have a residence or place to hold CoinEx offline events.

CoinEx ambassadors are exclusively dedicated to promotional events on your own behalf and are not entitled to assume or promise any express or implied obligation in writing or otherwise on behalf of the exchange.

The benefits of the CoinEx Ambassador Program

If you are approved as Coinex Ambassador, you will get many advantages. For example, you will have VIP attention, personalized merchandise from the team, certificates, discounts and more. This is the ideal program for all Bitcoin technology enthusiasts who want to contribute to the expansion of the ecosystem.

Join the CoinEx Ambassador Program to start enjoying its benefits. For more information, go to your Web page and social networks: Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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