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Real Demogorogon: Creepy Sea Creature Show | Digital Trends Spanish

A TikTok video has quickly gone viral, as a user showed a record holding what at first glance looks like a five-headed “sea monster”, without eyes, with sharp teeth and very similar in aesthetics to the Demogorgon from Stranger Things.

The author of the video puts the mouth of these animals to the test by putting a crab leg near them, an element that they do not hesitate to bite.

Most of the comments on the video point in the same direction: “Are they brothers of the monster from stranger things?”, “It’s a demogorgon?”.


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What is this monster really?

The first thing is that it is not a five-headed animal, but It is about five wielded copies by the same hand.

The TikTok user PolliPadilla has explained that this kind of “ugly fish” is called worm gobies or glass eel gobies and that are so strange to us because their natural habitat is usually the muddy waters of Asia, Australia or Africa.

It belongs to the amblyopinae family, there are up to 25 different types and its diet is basically carnivorous, feeding on smaller fish.

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