Monday, November 29

Real estate, a key sector for the most profitable investments

The real-estate market is found in a good moment. After being able to cope with a pandemic with a great impact on the world economy, the sector has experienced a rapid recovery, demonstrating its resilience.

Thus, it has positioned itself as a motor of the Spanish economy and as a very attractive value for investors, who are currently looking for products that offer stable returns and security.

Some macroeconomic indicators and others from the sector itself they draw a scenario for a favorable future. For example, the intention to buy a home is around 8 percent, a figure higher than in previous periods.

The low interest rates and family savings At maximums, they suggest that demand will continue to be active, so that sales will evolve positively.

Thus, the market has to be able to continue responding to the needs of demand. By the end of this year, it is expected that the completed homes will rise to more than 83,000, a figure 4 percent higher than the previous year, but this does not mean that the start of new projects may be slowed down by the caution of the sector developer given the lack of finalist land and the prudence of financial institutions when offering loans to developers.

Faced with this scenario, the role of a servicer such as Servihabitat is to be able to increase the value of portfolios that we manage and offer our clients greater coverage to their needs. At the Company, we believe that the only way to make it possible is through specialization and a solid and multidisciplinary team.

A wide range of assets managed by Servihabitat

Servihabitat has a portfolio under management with nearly 170,000 real estate assets and valued at more than 19,600 million euros.

In addition, we are present throughout the territory thanks to our territorial delegations and a network of 2,000 collaborating Agents (APIs).

The use of technology is a key element in all our processes, which allows us to streamline all procedures and ensure maximum return on investments.

A sample of the large volume of assets under management destined for investments, we have recently launched a catalog that includes the most outstanding properties. For instance, a promotion of single-family homes with two and three bedrooms in Granada, for those investors who bet on residential, one of the segments that projects a more positive evolution.

In Vitoria we find an industrial warehouse with 4 floors and more than 11,000 m2 of surface, a perfect asset to invest in the logistics sector, which has experienced great growth in recent months thanks to the boom in e-commerce.

The Company also has business premises under its management to invest, such as this one, which is located in an office building located in an excellent commercial area of ​​San Sebastián de los Reyes.

All these assets can be consulted at our web or in the new catalog.

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