Friday, December 3

Real Estate: real estate crowdfunding, a boom for premium investments in Argentina

The premium investor in the case of Simplestate is a man or woman over 35 years of age, with knowledge in different types of investments and with a high stable income. In addition, they are professionals or entrepreneurs and have a specific interest in the real estate market. In general, they have already invested in fixed terms and mutual funds, and it is not surprising that they also have some experience in the capital market, be it stocks or bonds.

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Abalsamo assured that “Premium or black investors, as we call them in Simplestate, determine what to invest in according to the security and support that each project offers and find in our platform the possibility of diversifying capital in the real estate market with different investment models, terms and returns “.

In this sense, Simplestate currently offers three investment alternatives:

  • Real estate crowdinvesting final income that allows you to invest in pesos or dollars with a short and medium-term return on investment in dollars.
  • Crowdinvesting rent rentThey are investments from US $ 1,000 or its equivalent in pesos, with monthly earnings in dollars and an income at the end of the project.
  • Crowdinvesting guaranteed liquidity They are investments from US $ 1,000 or its equivalent in pesos with a return in dollars but with a guaranteed rate and the benefit of a flexible withdrawal.

Depending on the alternative that the investor wants, today there are projects that yield between 8% and 10% per year in dollars. “Real estate crowdinvesting is not only here to stay among small investors, but also among those who have more capital. We see that black people tend to invest in several projects at the same time and when these are finished, they re-invest the capital with their profits ”, concluded Abalsamo.

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